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DaBomb Protein:
The leader of Lactobacillus hydrolysis technology
From feed to food, health care to life, DaBomb provides you the best products.

DaBomb Vision|Great & The Best

Create a greatest value with best attitude and bring health to human

DaBomb Protein Corp. has been established since 2001, with the goal of being the largest manufacturer of hydrolyzed soybean peptides in Asia. The brand name is "Da Bomb" from American slang, means "The Best", which outlines the true portrayal of DaBomb's research, development, production and manufacturing. In order to reach industry expectation, DaBomb catch three key trend from the global, improved protein digestibility, balanced animal gut health, and enhanced the immunity; it combines professional hydrolysis technology, rigorous quality control processes, innovative R&D power, and focuses on providing the most high-quality product.

Core Philosophy |"Natural. Green. Safety"

100% plant origin, environment friendly procedure, the best quality from feed to food from feed to food

The products come from 100% plant origin. DaBomb adheres “secure food safety from the source” and self-examines with the EU standards HACCP and ISO22000. It is hoped that through environmental friendly process technology, not only can achieve coexistence with the environment but also to achieve the highest ideal of "Feed to food"!

Product Value|Only DaBomb. Beyond DaBomb

DaBomb protein: The best protein. beyond protein.

DaBomb protein focus on “Nutritional Strategy in antibiotic free feed ". Through exclusive hydrolysis technology, plant peptides have stable and excellent quality, significantly improve animal immunity, balance intestinal flora, and high digestibility protein. Committed to enhance the value of products, we strive to secure humanity from the beginning, of course, only DaBomb can beyond DaBomb!

Company culture|Focus. Care. Integrity

Product researching and fine procedures is our passion, and keep promise is our only mission.

Concentrate on product research, improve the production process, and make every effort to increase product value; achieve corporate care, create a high-quality working environment, and fulfill corporate social responsibility. DaBomb keeps integrity in mind, attains quality into action.