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All about her

The story starts with a worried mother.

Dandan, 8-year-old Maltese, has been allergic since childhood.

Taiwan humid climate caused Dandan’s ears are often inflamed, and there are also many rashes on the body...

Dandan has seen a lot of doctors and tried a lot of nutritional products, but as long as she stopped taking the medicine, the symptoms will recur!

Dandan’s mother, think of a plant peptide product, which has just been tested at

National Cheng Kung University Biotechnology Institute. The rich nutrients can improve immunity and it also qualified by food safety regulation, so she decided to give it a try!

Unexpectedly, this inadvertent attempt made the condition of Dandan's skin and ears got better, and the scars on her body quickly became scabs!

In order to provide more health care products for the furry child, we also want to share with you this -"Lactotide".