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Immunity PLUS!
  • Package: 30 small bags (5g/bag)
  • Ingredient: Natural plant hydrolyzed peptide、 Organic Selenium、 Multi-probiotics、 Lutein
  • Functions: Regulate immune function、 Bright eyes health care
  • Usage: Direct feeding / Mix with feed
  • Dosage: 10kg above:1-2 bag/day ; 10kg below : 0.5-1 bag/day


Hydrolyzed peptide for good absorption

After multi-hydrolyzed production process,nano-scale of molecules, can be quickly absorbed by the intestine without long digestion. Letting the ingredients act quickly.

(More than 75% of Lactotidemolecules are under 30kDa, low antigen) 

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Natural L-lactic acid

Dr. DaBomb| Lactotide
After probiotic fermentation, it contains natural source of active L-lactic acid, which can help inhibit the growth of intestinal pathogen(hasgood antibacterial activity), and can establish a beneficial lactic acid bacteria phase.


Good antibacterial ability

The special peptide of L-lactic acid has antibacterial ability. In vitro experiments show that the antibacterial rate of E. coli is more than 70%, which can inhibit the bad bacteria and enhance the growth of good bacteria in the intestine and immune function.




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