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DaBomb Protein:
The leader of Lactobacillus hydrolysis technology
From feed to food, health care to life, DaBomb provides you the best products.

Only DaBomb, Beyond DaBomb

In 2001, DaBomb Protein settled in Annan District, Tainan City, striving to become the largest soybean protein hydrolysate manufacturer in Asia. In the spirit of "only DaBomb can beyond DaBomb", it is devoted to product research and process specialization.

We will also have a humble attitude and a deep sense of crisis, so as to promote the company and grow together with all colleagues. DaBomb Protein will adhere to the concept of nature and health and enter a new era of antibiotic-free culture with you.

Planning global marketing strategy

The Taiwan head office is the home of DaBomb Protein. For more than dacades, we have been ploughed overseas markets deeply. The high proportion of export is the best provement, "Based on Taiwan and taking broad view at the world"

Taking hydrolyze peptide and lactic acid bacteria as the development focus

With exclusive lactic acid strains, stable and well-developed hydrolysis technology, to produce high-quality plant peptides, which are widely used in animal products and aquatic feeds, and strive to secure the source for all human beings. In the future, we will take this as the core and diversify development for the next century of DaBomb protein.